Salutations Brothers and Sisters of CSEA Local 614,

As we welcome 2019 in with gratitude, may we count all our blessings we received in 2018, and be thankful. I look forward to a healthy, prosperous and successful year at Stony Brook Local 614.

In order to achieve success as a union, it is so important to maintain good health habits. To be in good health, which by the way, is beneficial to one’s physical and mental state, takes WORK! In order for this Local to become prosperous, we must flourish by being productive and thrive to become one union with one voice.

Success will be achieved by banding together with “No Kinks in the Armor”. Our new mantra will be – “A Win For One, Is A Win For All”. Having faith in our union is the only option. If we all continue to have faith in our union there is hope for better days to come.

I, and your local officers will continue to file contract and non-contract grievances, Improper Practice charges, PESH complaints and any other action without violating the Taylor Law to ensure all members voices are heard, and all members are working in a healthy and safe work environment free of intimidation. A work environment where employees are shown dignity and respect. A work environment that practice equitable treatment of employees throughout the facility. A work environment that must continue to provide different paths to career opportunities
for all members represented at the local. Stay Strong Brothers and Sisters. STAY UNION STRONG!!!!!!

Carlos Speight
CSEA Local 614 President
Stony Brook

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